It's okay to admit that you'd don't have as much time to impress your family as Grandma did

In the
event that you
over bake
the cookies,
serve with an
glass of milk and
dip cookies prior
to eating.

A perfectly baked gorilla cookie
will be crispy on the edges and
chewy in the center.

Here are some simple suggestions to help your
cookies look as good as Grandma's, and taste even better:

1 Preheat the oven to the correct temperature. Use of an oven thermometer will assure temperature accuracy. Read cooking instructions.

2 Use a non-stick, light-colored, shiny aluminum baking sheet. These work best as they heat very evenly.

3 Until you have the bake time down for your oven, check cookies after 8 minutes of bake time and at one-minute intervals until they are done. One minute could mean the difference between perfect and over baked.

4 Remove cookies from the oven when the edges have attained a golden brown color but while the centers are still soft and slightly under baked.

5 Let the cookies cool and firm up on cookie sheet or plate for just a few minutes.
Read the instructions
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