It all started about 16 years ago…we spent many nights brainstorming potential business ideas over evening dessert, often ready-to-bake cookies.

Then the light bulb went off and we thought “these cookies really aren’t that good and there isn’t any other option - why not just make a high quality read- to-bake cookie. We can do for cookies what Ben & Jerry’s did for ice cream” The first box of cookie dough was sold in 2000 and we have been selling ever since! A few years later at the request of one our retail buyers, we created our super premium ice cream sandwiches. He said “Nobody can seem to get the cookies right for an ice cream sandwich. But you guys, you’re cookie people, bet you could make a great ice cream sandwich” Boy was he right, we sold the first box of ice cream sandwiches in 2008 and have never looked back!

As for the popular question, "where did the name come from", here’s the scoop. As a small, unknown brand, we had to have something that was memorable, catchy and fun!! After tossing around a number of zany and off-the-wall ideas we went with the name that was most appropriate. The one that was an ironic twist on both our diminutive size and our relative place among the cookie giants that would be our competitors...600 lb gorillas, what else?

Why "600lb. Gorillas?"

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